Friday, August 6, 2010

So this is kind of a big deal.

Hey guys. This is my 300th entry on Classic Black Pumps. I started this blog my senior year of high school when I was 17 years old, and it's been a major cornerstone of my life since then. I feel like my 300th entry should be something epic, but this week has been a hectic one and the fashion-y ideas swimming in my head are few. That being the case, let's take a trip down memory lane. Enter: my favorite entries I've ever written, starting with the earliest. Enjoy!

A Tribute to Fall Colors is an assortment of pictures that Maura and Helene took outside our house. It's really very pretty and marks the beginning of my fondness for photography. I got a Flickr account around the same time this was posted.

I wrote Cupid after seeing Matthew Sheppard's mother speak at my high school. Not fashion-related, but probably one of the most emotionally-driven things I've written on my blog.

Prom-o-rama is one of my first Polyvore-packed entries. Also, this is one of the few earlier entries in which the outfits are something I would consider wearing nowadays. Seriously. A lot of entries before it have clothing that, when looking at them today, I'm like "Ew. Really, Hillary?"

RIP Alexander McQueen. This entry marks the very first day I fell in love with him.

One of my fondest blogging memories? Being sent two tubes of Lipstick Queen lipstick and a postcard from Poppy King after I mentioned a Nylon article on her apartment in this here entry. It left me pretty starstruck. I still want/need to read her book, "Lessons of a Lipstick Queen."

LOLOLOLOL. I totally referred to a rather Jersey Shore-esque Chanel Resort collection as "quietly sexy." Love is no longer blind, friends.

I think this ranks as one of my favorite entries I've ever written.

I am still crazy coveting the Marchesa dresses in this entry.


One of the first entries I wrote during my freshman year of college. I just realized that I've written the majority of this blog as a college student. Crazy stuff, no?

Wow. I think this was the first and last time I went over a collection, look by look. I was really obsessed with Chanel then, wasn't I?

I have done very few outfit posts, and in this one, I'm wearing purple knit tights by Juicy Couture.

Since writing this entry, things have changed considerably. Not the whole dressing-to-the-nines part. I still do that on a daily basis. But rather, the reactions my peers have to my outfits. They're amazingly supportive now and considerably stylish themselves. We've all evolved.

Fashion is fun. This remains one of my favorite collections to date. It makes me smile.

Here we have an entry inspired by Gala Darling and based on my roommates at the time (also there's a hint of Maura in there, of course). My roommates loved this entry. It was awesome making them a part of my fashion blogging world.

I don't wanna talk about it. I'm so happy that the Tumblr phase was short-lived.

A Rock Band-inspired collection? Yes, please!

Something awesome about keeping a blog is being able to look back and see how you've changed. I hope that this entry will always function to remind me of how much I've grown.

Enter my first attempt at articulating the academic side of fashion.

When I wrote this entry, I was finally, after nearly three years, getting the hang of the whole blogging thing. This is very much in part due to my internship with IFB. What a learning experience!

Thank you all so much for being a part of this adventure with me. I really love the world I've found in fashion blogging, and I hope to be a part of it for a long time. I've always been soft-spoken, a follower. This blog is the first thing I've done that is mine and only mine. I am so proud of what I've created here and through it I've learned that I have the capability to create even more. This blog has given me a voice when I used to think I wasn't worthy of one. I used to (and sometimes still do) spend my days shuffling about quietly, not wanting to upset anyone and only speaking when spoken to. This blog has changed all of that, helping me to learn that I have a lot to say and I say it well. So yes. Fashion blogging, you rule. And readers, you do, too. Have a beautiful weekend. I really love you all.

images via we heart it.


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