Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chanel Spring 2009 Ready To Wear

In other words, one of the most fabulous collections I've ever seen. EVER. It is so quintessentially Chanel that it makes my heart ache with joy. Tweed, black and white, soft pinks, tailored, feminine, pearls, classic. Here are a few of my favorite looks (I struggled to pick just one).

Too perfect! This is just the sort of thing that Chanel is about. Feminine sophistication. It's so classic, yet has this twist of modernity that makes it perfect for just about any occasion. Seriously. Maybe you don't think it would be appropriate for a Sunday potluck, but if it was the only occasion I had, I would show it off. Oh wow. And it has camillias! Oh wow wow wow. Let's see what else I can drool over...

It's like my favorite slip had a baby with the perfect tweed coat. This is so delicate and pretty and AMAZING. Chanel, you have wowed me again. Another look? Yes, please!

I don't think there's a better expression of what Chanel is about. This is such a strong piece, and so very timeless. I think if I owned it, I would live in it.

When Chanel does a little black dress, it does it right. I can hardly stand how classy this is. And how perfectly tailored it looks. Mmmm....

I think this screams of The Great Gatsby. And you all know how much I love F. Scott Fitzgerald. So very much. This ensemble is just crying for a modern Daisy Buchanen to wear it.

So it's a little theatrical, but really, I can't help but love it. Pink chiffony tiers.... It makes my heart covet the ability to pull off fashion extremes. So dramatic!

Now that I've done my gushing, I want to hear your take. I realize that my blog rarely says anything negative, ever, but I feel like if I don't adore it, it isn't worth talking about. Because I adored this collection so much, I think it's worth talking about a lot. So let's chat. Yay or nay, my sweet sweet readers?

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