Sunday, November 2, 2008

The fashionista's lament

I think this may be the most common post seen on any fashion blog. The whole why-doesn't-the-world-appreciate-high-fashion vent. But really. I feel like it's completely necessary, and I understand why this post is seen on blogs across the world wide web. Because really. These fashion muggles just don't get it.

So here goes. On Wednesday, I was dressed to then nines. An adorable black mini dress, a yellow and black plaid blazer, yellow stirrup tights, and black pumps. I looked cute as hell. Add a little headband and I might as well have been Blair Waldorf. And know that I'm not often one to brag about my daily ensembles. But trust me - this was worthy of the Sartorialist. And so I throw on a scarf and some nice tan leather gloves, and I head out to class.

The first reaction comes from one of my roommates, who tells me that I'm cute. I like her. Satisfied, I continued my treck to class. And that's when the muggles showed their unstylish teeth. I was teased. Pointed at! Laughed at! Nicknamed "bumble bee." A dear, dear girl said that she envied my self awareness and my ability to wear such "wild" clothes. Honestly. This sort of outfit is not wild. It is fun, it is well-suited for fall. It is stylish, and it borders just a little bit on classy. I wish that I had a photo of that outfit so you could empathize.

In frustrated conclusion, I am stuck in a sea of the dully dressed who do not appreciate fashion risks, the bold, and the fun. This is quite the vent, I know, and not terribly reasonable. But I'm frustrated! I miss Maura and Helene and their crazy red skinny jeans and asymmetrical purple leather jackets! Gah.

That's enough of me babbling for today. Rest assured I won't give up my neon tights and mini dresses. And you shouldn't either. Dress however your heart desires you to do so. And please, sugar. Place your vents in the comments. Let's lament our style sensibilities together.


Brigid said...

What! You looked GREAT!
Don't listen to those suckers. They wouldn't know high fashion if they got knocked across the noggin with a Chanel purse.


maura.twiggy said...

ya hill, i am sure you looked amazing.

some people just dont get it, and we shouyldnt have to explain it to them. they're laaaaaame