Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Essentials

It's really hard to believe that we're at the feet of summer. The sun is shining, but it's doing so rather weakly though the clouds. The rain is turning on and off and I would be silly to step outside without a sweater. But let's imagine for a moment that the weather isn't going crazy. Let's pretend that it's warm and bright and the fact that I'm inside in front of a computer screen is just a little bit sad. Are you sitting on an imaginary hammock with the sun beating down and an imaginary glass of lemonade in your hands? Good. Let's talk about summer essentials.

At this point in your life, you probably have a good idea of what looks good on you. I know that short shorts and blouse-y tanks bring out my inner babe. I know that spaghetti straps make me feel self-conscious whenever I wear them. I know that I have the legs for gladiators that twist all the way up my calves. Do you have dainty shoulders and skin that bronzes up rather beautifully? Get your self a white halter dress. Are you are shorty whose legs take up more than half of your body? I'm thinking wedges and pedal pushers. Know your shape and adjust it for the weather accordingly. People usually rattle off specifics when it comes to any sort of wardrobe trend, but we're all a little different in shape and style. This being the case, summer always blends nicely with classics and old stand-by's. Here are a few pieces that will serve you well in the heat. Adjust accordingly to suit what you feel and look best in.

- A summer dress. Maybe two or three. You can never go wrong with prints. I would start hunting for your perfect frock at a department store. Forever 21 is perfect for occasion shopping, but when it comes to a dress you'll always want to throw on, you'll have better look with something more substantial.

- Shorts! From bermudas to booties (okay, maybe not booty shorts), these babies come in all colors and styles. Personally, I'm a fan of tailored short shorts in either dressy prints (grey pinstripe? yes please) or basic black, khaki, or denim. And feel free to shoot me down, but I've never seen anything wrong with a girl rocking cargo shorts. Especially if she's doing it with a little black tank top.

- The perfect pair of designer sunglasses. They don't come too pricey at places like Nordstrom Rack or TJ Maxx. Once you find a pair that flatters your face, you will bring them everywhere. I am under no circumstances suggesting you spend over $100 on a new pair, but I can't get over how cute these Ray Bans are!

- A beach-y carryall. Apparently backpacks are in now, and I can tooootally get behind that. But if that's not your thing, a hobo canvas bag just might be. I think this is going to be my bag of choice for summer.

- A moisturizer with spf 15 or higher. Wear it every day. Don't argue. Moisturizing is soooo important and when you have that bit of sunblock mixed in, it's that perfect summer bonus. My sister has been using Have a Nice Day by Origins and it is divine.

- Sandals! Something strappy that will add style to even a denim mini and a tee. For sartorial bonus points, sport a sunny pedicure. My current favorite shade? Lapis of Luxury, by Essie.

- A light jacket. Because late night adventures to eat ice cream on the swings in your old neighborhood park won't always come with balmy weather. Throw on this coat from ModCloth and thank me later.

-Skirts! If you have some decent tanks that you feel comfortable running around in, there's nothing like a pretty skirt to round it all out to a pretty, effortless look. I found some cute floral minis at Charlotte Russe last week, but really everywhere offers a ton of options. Skirts are great because it's so easy to find ones that are both adorable and easily affordable.

-Button-downs. Chic and effortless! Isn't that exactly what we want? I love how button-downs can add a boyish feel to your outfits while still keeping the overall look as a feminine one.

- Tanks. In any shape, color, size. I'm guessing this is a given. Go to your favorite store (I love Pac Sun when it comes to my summer tank top needs) and pick out one that fits you well in tons of different colors.

Oh wow. The rain has started again. I am hoping this blog entry will serve some sort of utility soon, but it looks like I've got to stick with my galoshes for at least another day. What are your summer wardrobe essentials? And how do you mix it up to work with your personal style? Let's talk, darlins!

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