Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Last year for prom, I wore a full length black sheath dress covered in sparkles. I had my hair pulled back with a silver pin and sequined black sandals made it easy for me to dance the night away. It was all very lovely and comfortable, but this year I want something more original. Being the generous little miss that I am, I also want you to be the belle of the ball. So here are some looks for your big night (compiled on my new addiction

I like the playfulness of this femme fatale look. While the black sequins are a little slinky, they get popped up here with a bright red bow and flats. Add a playground touch with a matching headband.

Going gold will cement you a position on the best-dressed hall of fame. Be careful though. Think golden ages when you select your dress, not Diddy's bling. Keeping it timeless will keep you classy. The only thing missing? Some satin gloves.

The grown-up gal will love this elegant look. But a peek beneath the trailing hem will prove you've got them all fooled. Silvery saddle shoes are a quirky little touch that will keep you on your feet all night.

Sometimes it's okay to see the world in black in white. Especially when your nails remain a glossy red. This outfit is my favorite and I'm going to pursue it for my prom look. I'm not laying claim on it or anything, though. I would love it if this sort of pretty simplicity spread.

That's all for now. I hope you are having a fabulous spring break. I'm going shopping in Portland tomorrow. Wonderful wonderful stuff, no?

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