Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I had this weird thought while I sitting in my Natural Sciences class the other day. We were discussing Darwin, and someone brought up technology as diminishing the need for human evolution. Because of the manmade advances handed to us on a daily basis, our species might be at a standstill. Billions of years from now, we'll still look the same and act the same and so on and so forth. I thought, well this is all good and interesting, but it could get even more interesting if we put clothing into the mix. Think about it. Evolution works so that each species will be able to adapt and survive in their changing environments. When our environments change, so does our clothing. When women started entering the workplace, fashion evolved to accommodate that. We can be easily matched to the climates we call home through a glance at our clothing. Heavy layers, scarves, and boots would mean someone is northern-dwelling being. Shorts and sandals would suggest the opposite. Fashion is like a sped up mirror of evolution. This idea sort of fascinates the snot out of me. And on that note I have to finish my Darwin reading for tomorrow's class. Now I know my logic is all over the place here, but the thought had occurred to me rather suddenly and I was in a rush to share. I always love it when my constant thoughts on fashion have a synthesis of sorts with my actual schooling. So exciting! Now, readers, what do you think?

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