Friday, June 4, 2010

From the very doldrum-y desk of Hillary.

How many guilty pleasures are you allowed to have? Because I always sheepishly admit to a fondness for Ke$ha, reality shows like Real Housewives and the Hills, and reading the latest issue of Cosmo from cover to cover. Is that too much? When does it stop having a few guilty pleasures and start being a person with incredibly bad taste. This is a point of concern here. Another point of concern, and I know I've beat this one into the ground, but why it still raining? IT'S JUNE. Ugh.

Honestly, I have very little to say today. I do, however, have some Polyvore collages. There's no theme. At first I was going to pitch them to you as outfits for a second date (cause you can dress comfier than you did on the first!) but as I started writing it just felt sort of flat. Second draft talked about what to wear when you and your friends partake in summertime activities (the beach! window shopping! late night trips to the park!) but once more serious writer's block ensued. I offer the ensembles to you nonetheless. Feel free to wear them on a second date. Wear them to the beach or on a cross-country road trip or as you take your dog for a walk. Maybe not so much the outfit with the heels for the beach. Or when you walk your dog. But you have the common sense to know that.

Tomorrow I'm going shopping with my mother and sister. I need new clothes! New jeans and shorts and couple cardigans and tops. And dresses. Well I don't actually need those, but I always want them. I've blogged a lot lately about "summer essentials" and I hope to stock up on a few of my own. Okay. It's time to go celebrate the fact that it's Friday. No more reality tv watching. This girl is getting out. Kisses, have a lovely weekend, and I'll talk to you on Monday.


Anonymous said...

I love the second outfit, very cute :)

Visit my blog? Leave a comment? Follow? I'd be more than happy to reciprocate the blog love :)

Elle Sees said...

cute outfits

Brigid said...

Hey, former roommate! I saw this and thought of you. One of my guilty pleasures is that I love dolls... have you seen these, too?