Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On your feet.

One of my favorite parts about summer is that it's too hot out to wear Uggs. I can't stand those things. Seeing them in public is an assault on my eyes. And they have a way of ruining a perfectly adorable outfit. You could be wearing the cutest skinny jeans, a boyfriend blazer and a button-down from, like, a Gap designer collaboration, but if you've chosen to complete the look with Uggs, it invalidates your entire sartorial taste. Uggs are outfit destroyers. Luckily, they tend leave with the rain and win. So you can imagine my disappointment when I realized that there is another type of footwear lurking around every corner, waiting to wreck the ensemble of what would be an otherwise stylish girl. I am speaking, of course, of flip flops. I have a few pairs. I throw them on when I'm taking out the trash or running to the grocery store. They do okay with shorts and a sweatshirt. If I'm going swimming, I throw them in a beach tote. All that said, I would never ever wear them with a dress. It's been my observation on the recently sunny days that flip flops can destroy a perfectly lovely look. If you want that sundress to wear you, and not the other way around, be my guest. Put on those flip flops and rock them like you don't quite understand what it means to have some semblance of consistency in your clothes. But there are alternatives that make a lot more sense when it comes to dresses. Try gladiators. Or strappy heels. Don't go the easy route! Make your ensembles your own, and keep the flip flops on hand for when you're getting the paper in the morning or letting your dog out. That is all.

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