Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Loving Lush Shampoos

So, like, I have really good hair. I'm not usually one to brag, but the awesomeness of my hair totally warrants it :p So yeah. I have good hair. Seriously. My whole family does. My cousin and I used to joke that our last name translates to "good hair" in german. Sometimes people believed us when we told them that. Because it makes sense. My hair, though a little bit of a mousy brown shade, is also insanely thick and straight with natural blonde highlights. Maura has shiny blonde locks, too, and my brother is the lucky sporter of thick, golden hair. Our father hasn't shown any signs of hair thinning and our mom's hair is evidence that our follicle fortune is genetic. Don't even get me started on my cousins and their hair. It's all just perfection. I dyed my hair once but didn't really care for the results so have returned to being au naturale. Besides the fact that it's a little stubborn and doesn't like to be caged in fancy up-do's (we just don't talk about Prom), I love most everything about my hair and let it be. No straightening, no product. Sometimes I wear a headband but it usually just sits where it chooses. I have to admit though that until recently I was depriving it of absolute perfect health. Yes, I confess - I used to be addicted to washing my hair. Every single night I'd lather up with a ton of shampoo and follow it with a double dose of conditioner. While the result was hair that was daily soft, shiny, and smelled delicious, I was depriving it of its most natural health. I thought the situation was hopeless. If I didn't wash it every day, I walked around feeling gross and oily. There was no way out, until I walked into a Lush store.

I'd been having an awful day. When I have days like this, I find a trip to the loop usually distracts me enough to get over things. I'm particularly fond of the Macy's cosmetic department in these instances. That is how I found myself in the Lush shop. One of my roommates has Rehab shampoo and my eyes about rolled into the back of my head the first time I smelled it. Lush makes seriously yummy stuff. So, on this particular day I asked about shampoo products. I explained to the super sweet sales associate my addiction to hair washing. "But if I don't wash it every day, I feel gross," I confided. She nodded sympathetically and directed me towards the I Love Juicy Shampoo. This stuff, she explained, is strong enough that I won't need to wash my hair everyday, and could then let my hair replenish with its natural oils in between washings. A whiff of the fruity scent was all I needed to be sold after that. Then came the issue of conditioner. Veganese, a phenomenal product that promises not to weigh your hair down, seemed like the perfect solution. Purchases in tow, I headed home to try out my exciting new hair products.

Fast forward about a month, and I am not disappointed. About every third shower, I use Juicy and Veganese. My hair never feels greasy between washings and is healthier than ever. It has body and softness like I never thought possible. Lush is out of my usual toiletries price range, but it is so worth the extra dollars. It lasts forever, smells incredible, really works, and won't weigh your hair down with gross chemicals. It makes good hair great and can take damaged hair from the darkest depths of despair to glowy hair-tossing heights. Did I mention it smells fantastic? Because it really does. Alrighty. What are your hair habits. Are you addicted to washing your hair? Do you have a militant hair care routine? What shampoo do you use? Talk to me ♥


Tricia said...

I'm addicted to washing my hair too! I can't stand the greasiness of NOT washing my hair. However, the one time when I went without daily hair washing was when I used livingproof's wavy hair treatments. it's magical.

Does veganese smell like..veganese the vegan mayo? I think I'd think that every time I would see the bottle in the shower. I liked Lush's Buffy bar for the first week, but then I got sick of the smell.

Billy said...

Haha. It actually smells more lavender-y that anything else. At least that's what I smell in it. And I can see where the Buffy bar might get old. I'm not terribly fond of the cocoa-based smells. I like their fruitier products best.