Monday, October 20, 2008

A little less on the spooky side

I am ill. I am missing my classes today and curled up on my couch watching "The Life Aquatic" while sniffling and sneezing. I am finding it near impossible to sleep. And so in this sickness-induced insonnia, I have decided to try being a little productive. Posting on my blog is rather relaxing, too, so I am currently doing something fairly worthwhile without having to exert myself too much. Alright, kids. Today's post is all about HALLOWEEN. I know, the majority of you are far beyond trick-or-treating, but who doesn't want an excuse to play dress-up? Inspired by the costume ideas of my friends and my own, I present to you: Halloween goes high fashion (sort of).

The Oompa Loompa

One of my roommates, darling and pint-sized, is thinking about going as one of Willy Wonka's helpers for Halloween. I know, this looks like a bunch of random bright pieces trying way too hard to make a look, but really. It's fun as all heck and there's nothing like a green fedora and purple bejeweled flats to put a smile on anyone's face. Throw the striped knee socks in the mix, and you've got something slightly remnant of what Roald Dahl had pictured when he created the tiny little characters. I think this "costume" is comfy and fun - just right for a girl who isn't afraid to show off her true colors.

The Jackie Kennedy

This would be my costume of choice. I fully plan on dropping by my favorite thrift store to hunt down a pillbox hat and a tweed dress suit of some sort. If you want to go the Jackie route, it's key to look tailored and pulled together. Don't settle for sloppy when thrifting - the first lady of the early 1960s would never be seen looking the slightest bit frumpy. Once you get the colors all coordinated (match the hat to the shoes, keep the clothes neutral or whatever floats your boat), step on out and class it up.

The Link

This one isn't exactly Link. It's more like it's Link-inspired. Just the same, this is just the look for a playful gamine who wants something different beyond the sexy nurse costume. A friend of mine has a slight obsession with The Legend of Zelda, and made the apt observation that another dear friend, in her sweet little pixie cut and big eyes, bears a slight resemblance to the game's hero. We are insisting that she dress up as Link for Halloween and she keeps refusing it. Maybe if we were able to pull together something as cute as this ensemble, she would change her mind.

The Twiggy

This look derives from how gosh-darned much I am missing Maura, our 21st century Twiggy. To be Twiggy, the trick lies in the eyelashes. Dior Show would be the ideal way to accomplish such peepers, but if you can't get your hands on the snazzy little cult classic, I have faith that your thrifty minds can be resourceful. Get a funky A-line mini dress in a solid color or bold pattern, and mod-inspired boots, mix it in with those crazy lashes, and tah-dah. You are a supermodel icon. Much like Maura. Much like Twiggy. And now, much like yourself.

The Lumiere

This would be my favorite of all the costume ideas. And not just because "Beauty and the Beast" is one of my favorite movies. It's just so pretty with a very Parisian feel. This ensemble is a very simple, easy-to-personalize look. Take a gold minidress, your favorite gold jewelry, and tie it together with cream-colored pumps and a beret. If no one gets the hint and can't figure who you're dressed up as, just burst into "Be Our Guest." If they have any bit of taste, it will only take a few moments before they're applauding your genius costume.

That would be it for today. My eyelids are finally getting heavy and I think my tired body will hardly care that my stuffy nose is making me uncomfortable. All it wants now is sleep. Anyway, my wish for you is that you break out the creativity when costuming yourself for Halloween. Put your personality into it, and don't be afraid to throw in a few fashionable twists. You all make my heart flutter! Have a beautiful Monday.


maura.twiggy said...

best post ever.
I love that so much, i am totally gonna be Twiggy :)

maura.twiggy said...

i need anther post lovey