Sunday, October 19, 2008

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for a very special announcement...

This is Sloane Goldflies. She's my roommate and the single kindest soul I have ever met. Her family lives in the Chicago, and they have all been so helpful to our dorm. They made sure we were well outfitted with everything we needed to survive, and anytime we need a dose of home, their place is always open to us. Unfortunately, they are about to lose that place. Yes, Sloane and her mother and four siblings are going to be evicted come Wednesday unless they can come up with the money by then. Stupid stupid economy, right? Now, I am not one to do this sort of thing often, but after seeing how much individuals are hurt, stressed, and affected by all of this, I can't help but ask you lovely readers a favor. One of my other roommates, Brigid (such a sweetheart), has set up a Paypal account where we are accepting donations towards the Goldflies rent. If you are in a situation where you can donate 10 or 20 dollars to the family, please don't hesitate. You can find more information here.
Or you could email with any questions or to gain access to the paypal account. I love you all. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Tomorrow we will return to the usual style babbles (I've got a few fun post ideas for you pretty ones) but until then, please open up your hearts to someone, anyone, and share your blessings with them.

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