Friday, March 7, 2008

It starts in my toes...

Last night Maura, Helene, and I spent an hour and a half waiting in line for a shoe sale at Eugene's fabulous supplier of all things feet, Miss Meers. The line was better-dressed than your average camp-out to be the first to purchase line (think about the X-Box loyalists and Playstation fans), but no less devoted to their cause. Then at 7:00, when the doors to the half-off of all Fall shoes sale opened, the three of us ran in with thirty other women (29 actually, plus this one guy who was the first of the night to make a purchase - a pair of boots for his wife). Maura and I didn't have any money on us, so we were team Helene for the night. We grabbed every pair of size eights we could find and brought them to Helene for her trying. At the end of the night she ended up with a pair of bright red wedges and some incredible Carlos Santana boots. All for under $100. I'm inspired, and devote this entry to shoes. Today's feetsies are brought to you by oh DEER! shoes, a line that I came across for the first time last night.

I think these shoes and I are meant to be. First of all, they're called "Capricorn" which would be none other than my zodiac sign. Second of all, they've got a nice sturdy heel that will make even the clumsiest of the clumsy (moi) look graceful. Plus they're red. I just need a little black dress to go with it, aaaand perfection.

These are precious, aren't they? I feel like they could work nicely with a color-coordinated Spring dress of some sort. That rainbow trim just gets me. It's one of those things that makes you linger. Plus, what girl couldn't use more sparkle?

Perfect little pair for the stylish dancing superstar in your life. My posting of this pair was inspired by Maura, of course. She can wear them after dance class easy with her favorite oversized man-cardigan and skinny jeans.

Did you know that I love boots? Yes, yes I do. And I want to wear these with a denim skirt and a black sweater and a strand of pearls. Then I would be very happy. Happy and stylish.

It just screams out for a pair of jeans to spice up! You could be the person so satisfy its craving!

And that's the end of my shoe rant for today. Everyone have a fantastic weekend. Shop wisely, shop well.

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