Sunday, March 9, 2008

Does art really need a purpose?

I spent the day with three of my classmates working on a project for history. One of them was an incredible photographer who completes her oozing-cool persona with a shrunken leather jacket and gorgeous black scarf. She's fantastic and creative. I came home from all of this (wearing a lovely 1940's style dress I found at Ross for $6.99 and a long strand of pearls) and went on the computer, browsing some of my favorite sites. So yeah, I've been spending hours on end finding my Flick'r favorites and copying the best Fafi sketches to my desktop. And it's been fun. But it has also given me the uncontrollable urge to break out the rubber cement and tear up my favorite magazines to go collage crazy. When I first started to think about this, I was like "But for what?" Now I realize that it doesn't have to be for anything! I can be artistic for my own sake. I can doodle and draw, get a sketchbook; that's why these people post their artwork. It's to inspire us all. While my camera is a little cheap-o, that doesn't mean I can't get creative! And now, here is some of my favorite of artwork from the internet.

Sarah Wilmer Photography

Samantha Hahn Illustration

Rebecca Thuss Photography

Jacqueline di Milia

Dana Cowie

Cherri Wood

Jessica M.

I hope you all find as much beauty and inspiration as I did. Here's to a fantastic week. Love and such! Oh, and a special thank you to Creature Comforts. This blog is where I discovered the majority of these artists. It also turned me on to flick'r. My gratitude is infinite.

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FAPORT International said...

Beautiful art, love all..i m also an artist, i can understand the value of this post, awesome paintings:)