Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Zafu Product filters

I have fallen in love with Zafu. While browsing for a picture of the gorgeous boot-cut dark denim jeans I got today at TJ Maxx for $14.99 (big sale, check it out), I found the ZAFU product selector. It promised to find me the perfect pair of jeans. I answered a few questions about the shape of my butt (average), the way I want jeans to enhance my figure (make my legs long and lean), and the desired rise of the waist (low). After those, and a few more questions, Zafu rewarded me with these gorgeous Citizens of Humanity jeans.

After that quick hit of love, I decided to try out the bra selector. I don't want muffin top, visibility, and a little bit of lace is desired. Zafu showed me this darling Calvin Klein t-shirt bra.

Wonderful wonderful. Now what am I going to wear to my scholarship competition? Zafu, give me your pants selector, and in doing so the answer to this question!

With a turtleneck, boots, and a nice coat, I'll have that full-ride the minute I walk in the door. Look like fun? Then go to zafu.com to find jeans, bras, and pants that are right for you.

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