Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Make your hair shinier in one delicious sip.

I am a proud subscriber to Daily Candy updates. They never fail to disappoint, with the scoop on things like the latest jewelry designers and sweetly singing musicians. A recent email from them notified me of a mix-in called Beauty Scoop. This powder tastes like vanilla, and when sipped with water, can help you achieve glossier locks, and better fingernails. What's not to love? The price. 21 packets of this wonder can cost you $81.00. A little turned off, but still intrigued, I continued my search. Look what I found at Borba Skincare!

The first bottle is pomegranate-flavored, and promises to clarify your skin. And the second, made with acai berry, is best for those seeking to reduce wrinkles.There is nothing about its actual flavor, but based on a few bottles I saw I saw the other day, its flavor probably closely resembles that of mud. If you do want to go this route, be sure to find a bottle at TJ Maxx or another discount store, where they go for only $16.00 a pop. The site is selling them for $36.00. My advice - if you want to drink your way to beauty, try some green tea. I am a huge fan of Sobe's, a sweet little sipper that leaves me feeling refreshed. Also look into Pom. Delicous drinks, and if you want their tea line, you get to keep the glass.

Who knew recycling could be so adorable? Pomegranate has a bunch of antioxidants, and its tasty. Worth a try, if I say so myself.

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