Monday, February 4, 2008


I saw Atonement a few weeks ago, and the costumes were inspired. Here's Keira Knightley looking beautiful in a full-length emerald green satin gown...

I'm enamored with that dress, and, after searching high and low for something similar, I didn't exactly find love, but there was mild infatuation.

This is design number 6199 from prom dress extraordinaire Faviana. Personally, I think that at best this dress screams replica. If you want your own unique twist, just hunt for a full length satin gown that flows off the body beneath the waist, and above it, is tailored in all the right places. This one, from vintage clothing site, stole my heart. It's in lilac, and very classy.

Despite all this, the search continues. Everyone have a wonderful week. I hope to get into a rythymn with my posts again soon.

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