Saturday, October 6, 2007

Can you hardly stand it?

First of all, thanks to Blogdorf Goodman for turning me on to this. Check out her post:

Covet much?

Now that I've successfully gotten that beauty out of my system, on to other news. I had a long day today, lots of standardized testing and such (dang trying to get into college). After getting home from bubbling in either A,B,C,D and E for about three hours straight, I thought the chances of my day looking up were slim. Until I opened my closet and decided that and a little rain would not get me down. I'm rocking black pants, a bright blue tee, with a white raincoat with a bright flowery pattern all over it. It makes me happy. And if I remember correctly, it costs no more than about $40 total. Alright kids, throw on something snazzy and slick on some fuschia lip gloss. Only thing left to do is find a hot date.

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