Thursday, October 4, 2007


Homecoming is just around the corner. This topic is, undoubtedly, a little sensitive for me because I just broke up with my boyfriend. I had visions of lbd's dancing in my head. Alas, there are other fishes in the sea and other occasions to wear dresses. But, for you lovely ladies who are looking forward to a school dance in your near future, here a a few of my favorites.

For the classy broad

Very simple, sleek, and a surefire flatterer.

For the fashionplate with great legs

Pair it with black pumps and you're good to go.

For the princess

This is so pretty and simple. You could wear it with ballet slippers or something really basic and feel incredible.

Can't get enough of the shift?

The pattern is wonderful. And with different accesories, it's an awesome everyday dress, too.

Cupcake much?

I love this. It's very sweet. Nice for those girls with prominent collar bones and alabaster skin.

Keep it goofy

For those of you who were hoping to go play on the merry-go-round after the dance, this bubble dress is playful and fun.

For your inner vixen

If you're curvy enough, be prepared to feel like Jessica Rabbit. And it has the potential to look great on those straight-as-a-board girls, too. Love it.

If I've grabbed your interest, you can find these, and other splendid options, at Nordstrom's. Now put on your rain boots, go outside, and getcha dance on!

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