Friday, July 9, 2010

It is way too hot out.

Hey guys. Remember that one time when I was complaining about how the summer weather isn't acting like summer weather? As I lie here in my room in Chicago the window open in a desperate attempt to catch a rare cool breeze, I take it all back. My fan is as close to my bed as the cord will allow it to go and showering daily feels almost futile, the humidity doing its part to make me feel gross and sticky immediately after. That's why this entry is accompanied with pictures of Maura, Lily, and Helene playing frisbee in the park back home in Oregon. Note the layers Lily and Helene are sporting. These photos were taken in June. They make me long for the west coast just a little bit. Layers here in Chicago in the middle of July are nothing short of silly. And while Oregon has warmed up considerably, the heat is very dry. Curse you, humidity.

How do you beat the humidity? I haven't quite mastered it. My typical M.O. as of late has been short jersey dresses and sandals. Of course, light dresses in the Windy City are a bit of a risk. I step outside and a weak warm gale threatens to toss my skirt up around my waist. My remedy to that problem has been a switch to short shorts and breezy tops, but at the end of the day, it feels like I'm peeling my shorts off. If it weren't for societal constraints and my own love for clothing, I'd just go naked. That being out of the question, I turn to you, dear readers. Oregon has never really been host to much humidity, so it's been taking some getting used to. Anyone with more experience with this kind of weather, please speak up. Also chime in with your summer makeup tips. I feel like everything melts off my face within my first five minutes of sun exposure.

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Fashion Butter said...

Hey there! Love finding other Chicago area bloggers. Okay, so I am not technically in Chicago anymore ... but still. :)