Friday, May 14, 2010

Today I'm adoring...

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♥ The fact that I'm going back to Oregon tomorrow! I am so excited to see my family. Eugene is a beautiful city and I absolutely can't wait to spend a month living it up with my fantastic (now college-bound!) baby sister. I also really miss my dog. And Cafe Yumm. Yayayayayaaaay!

♥ Interniiiiiing. I'll be spending a good chunk of my summer doing community building for the Independent Fashion Bloggers. So that means I'll be behind a lot of their tweets and I'll be hanging out in the IFB forums. I'm hoping to learn about social networking and the dynamics of the online fashion community. Hurray for learning experiences that are also incredibly fun! Also: super super grateful to the lovely Jennine for the opportunity.

♥ My schedule for next semester. I'm taking a film class that focuses in Alfred Hitchcock - rad rad raaad. Also taking Humanities III, the topic of which is theology. This is the class I've been excited about since my very first semester at Shimer. It also look like I'll be taking Natural Sciences III with my best friend. So much good scheduling luck all over the place!

♥ Diorshow mascara. I ran out of my beloved Chanel mascara a couple weeks ago and went to Macy's to replace it. I intended on getting Givenchy Phenomen'eyes, but when told that there was no Givenchy makeup in the cosmetics department, I drifted toward the Dior counter. Diorshow has something of a cult following, so I thought it could very well be worth a shot. Dear goodness, it was. One swipe of this over freshly curled lashes and you're instantly transformed into a bombshell.

♥ Argo Tea. Have you had their Passionfruit Bubble Tea? It's heaven.

♥ All the really amazing people in my life right now. I got to see my old roommate yesterday (Slooooane!) and it was so great to catch up. My friends are all so fun and brilliant. How did I ever get so lucky? There's a boy in my life now, too, but more on that later :p

That's it for now. Time to watch the newest episode of Bones and plan an outfit to wear on the plane tomorrow. I hate getting dressed to fly. Luckily this year, my wardrobe directed itself towards things that are both comfortable AND stylish. Alrighty. Have a wonderful Friday and an even better weekend!

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