Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh, Thursday doesn't even start

I think every blogger has to use a line from "Friday I'm In Love" at least once as the title for an entry. Tah-dah! I did it. I don't reckon this Friday I'll be in love, though. Probably infatuated with someone on some level or another, but love doesn't appear to be in the cards. Also not getting the love? Twelve by Twelve by Forever 21. As I sought further inspiration to get out of my little black party dress rut, I decided to check out what one of my favorite retailers has paraded as their more sophisticated, more lux collection. I hate to say it, being the Forever 21 loyalist that I am, but I am really not impressed. Everything just looks awkward and dumpy. There is just no polish. I dunno. What do you think?

Granted, I did pick out the dumpiest of the dumpy, but look at the rest of their dresses here, and let me know what your thoughts are. To give Forever 21 credit, I also took a gander at Forever 21 Twist and I am so so happy. Just look at this dress.

It's not exactly the new party aesthetic I'm hunting for, but it's something. Now there are some adorable satin-y offerings in lovely jewel tones, but that's dressier than I want. I'm a college student. To go to ye ole Saturday night party in a purple satin bubble dress might be a bit much. So something has sort of struck me. Does it have to be a dress? I mean, if there's any sort of pattern I've got, it's ignoring skirts and skinny jeans for parties. I will investigate this. More later :p

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