Saturday, March 6, 2010

Books written for girls.

Am I the worst? Oh I'm just the worst. It's been an entire week and I'm only returning to tell you that you're going to have to wait another week until I write again. Why? Because I'm off to St. Louis for spring break times with one of me best friends. I know I know. Mad beautiful fashion-y things have been happening left and right and I've said very little. I will say something now: Vivienne Westwood, you are crazy and you make me smile. I am a girl-next-door type and don't know if I could pull of anything in your collection, but, oh! How I would trade in all this approachability to be able to! And something else? Christian Dior is perfection. But enough about clothes (though you can never ever have enough about clothes). I am going to send you all off on a cheery note. And that cheery note is a list of things I adore.

♥ Camera Obscura. My favorite song of theirs is featured in the title of this post. Listen to them. Now. They are loveliness personified. I know I say that about a lot of things, but it applies especially to this band. Loveliness personified, I swear. Also on my playlist is the Girls Aloud cover of "I Think We're Alone Now." It is dancy. In other music news, if you haven't checked out the Sasquatch lineup, do so now. She & Him? Yes, please!

♥ The blog Apocalypstick. I discovered it via (who else?) Gala Darling and spent the subsequent hours reading it and cracking up. Almie speaks the truth, but does so in such a way that you don't feel like she's being all preachy. The girl is real. This is my favorite entry. Reading that blog all day is also probably responsible for today's change in writing tone. Now I'm making attempt after attempt to be quirky and witty. Is it working?

♥ Making plans! I get to see Maura and Helene in just a little over two weeks. I can't wait. So much shopping and girling out and listening to music that only we tolerate. Like Taylor Swift. My goodness, I predict a lot of Taylor Swift will be played. I'm also super excited to take them shopping around Chicago. Belmont is my new favorite spot for finding adorable outfits. Plus there's a fantastic frozen yogurt spot in the neighborhood that I feel like we could get very Gossip Girl-y at. Speaking of Gossip Girl... MONDAAAAY! Who else is excited? I am super excited.

♥ Attempting to master the art of packing for short trips away. I have my Betsey Johnson duffel sitting on my floor all lonely-like, waiting for me to stop googling "things to pack for 4-day trips" and actually start loading it up. A must bring? An oversized cardigan and a scarf. That's all I've figured out so far, but it's a fun learning process.

♥ As usual, I have to give a shout-out to my wonderful friends. I love my roommates and our Saturday morning conferences in the living room ("you were speaking in a british accent all night?" "no I wasn't!" "yes. yes you were"), sampling bean curd at a chinese restaurant, Total Eclipse of the Heart singalongs... you are all so wonderful and I don't know what I'd do without you keeping a grin on my face.

But seriously. I really should finish packing. Everyone have a crazy beautiful week and we'll talk again soon. xoxoxooo.

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apocalypstick said...

Wow, thank you so much for the lovely compliments! I like your blog too.