Sunday, October 11, 2009

To die for.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm just posting all these random Spring 2010 RTW things because I want to write about Chanel but need to make some space between that article and my one on Lagerfeld. Bit with Collette Dinnigan, this is not the case. I hadn't been terribly familiar with her clothes before, and now I am stuck. Everything in her latest collection makes me go weak at the knees. From the color scheme (luxurious blues, black... someone know how to win my heart) to the tailoring, it's like someone came down from the heavens, turned to me and said "you are going to covet these for the rest of your life." I will, I will. And I do. Just... just look. It's heart-stopping.

Aaaah it's all too pretty. And those tights that are paired with the first few outfits.. I need to make a trip to TJ's for some polka-dot nylons ASAP. What collection has got you in CovetVille this season? Have the playful prints of Miu Miu happily tapped into your inner elementary schooler? Did Alexander McQueen's runway show capture your imagination? Dish. Also, just a few more days until I think I can post about Chanel without seeming like too much of a Lagerfeld worshipper (but honey, aren't we all?).

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