Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Irving Penn

I didn't really care much for photography before I discovered Irving Penn. I mean, I appreciated it but my passion for it was lacking entirely until I read an article about Penn sometime during high school. It might've been in my first issue of Vogue or Vanity Fair - I can't quite remember. Until I came across an incredibly stunning photo he had taken of a lightbulb, photography only meant holding a camera and clicking for me. But Irving Penn walked in and I understood. To be able to capture so much in a single frame is unbelievable. That lightbulb image gave me chills straight down my back. I was hooked. My love for him started about the same time as my love for the fashion industry and the three of us have been inseparable in my heart ever since.

I can't believe he's died. His legacy to the rest of the world is an amazing one. And for me personally, I have him to thank for showing me that the world as interpreted through a camera lense is a beautiful world indeed. Rest in peace, Irving Penn. You will be missed.

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