Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Gay Nineties

When I heard that Anna Sui was inspired by the "belle epoque" for this collection, I suddenly had visions of most theatrical can-can dresses. The outfits that played in my imagination were heavily influenced by the grotesque amount of times that I've watched "Moulin Rouge." While my envisioned outfits were decent enough, I was concerned. Anna Sui makes clothing that while full of magic and creativity, maintain a certain wearability. The can-can dresses in my head did not have very much wearability. But on seeing her collection, I breathed a sigh of relief. This is the artsier side of the Belle Epoque. It's all deliciously french and the hats are to die for.

I can really appreciate how much this collection caters to my recently acquired obsession with boots. Also the rich and wild patterns on the tights are ones that ignite a certain fire in my heart. What do you think? No matter what, I'm sure you can't deny just how unbelievable those hats are.


Maura said...
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Maura said...

I love the blue dress/cowboy boots/tights/dress/ i want.