Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And nary a side-ponytail in sight.

In high school and middle school, the constant eighties-themed parties and halloween costumes tended to get a little tiresome. Best of all was the day my sister got ready for the "Awesome! Eighties" homecoming dance in neon-pink leggings and a belted black dress with a bubble skirt and side-ponytail. My mother looked at her and made a keen observation - "That's not how I remember dressing in college." Granted, my mother, while in college in the eighties, also spent those years in the Pacific Northwest where the club scene is lacking. Just the same, there was something so tired and unoriginal after seeing the completely contrived costumes at all these dances and parties. Of course, Maura looked amazing in her eighties get-up, but there is something about spandex and neon that can get old. Marc Jacobs revived it though with his collection this Fashion Week. Everything is fun and funky and true to eighties club wear. Of course, it's not what my mom wore in college, but I think she would definitely approve. It's true to the era it's trying to pay tribute to, but has a contemporary, funky side.

I really want that black dress. And that perfect yellow-and-blue ensemble. All of it, dear goodness. This collection is fun and original. Of course, what else would you expect from Marc Jacobs?

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