Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holiday gift guide? I think yes.

So I think that along with every post, up until Christmas, I will also post a holiday gift idea. Why? Consider it a gift to you. Never did a blogger love her readers so, and never has there been a tougher task than picking out the perfect present. So today, for our first installment, of the giving guide, I present cuff links!

I found these Pac Man cuties at the beujangles Etsy shop. You will notice, both with this pair presented and the other ones in the shop, that the key to giving cuff links and garnering a positive response is to pick creative, original, and personalized ones. The ones pictured would be absolutely perfect for a sophisticated friend of mine who has a boyish side that entirely adores video games. If you look in the right places, you can find a pair of cuff links for any personality. Make sure first though that the receiver of the gift has a french cuff shirt. If he doesn't, and you still think cuff links are the thing, buy him one. My favorite is here.

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