Friday, October 3, 2008

I know, I'm too cruel...

Hello beautiful readers!

Please oh please accept my apology. I left for more than a month, came back strong for a week, and then - tah-dah! I disappeared again. I'm really quite sorry. My only excuse is that this week took some unexpected if not rather upsetting turns that left me a little less than motivated to do much of anything. But I'm a trooper and, like the phoenix, I fully intend to rise again into full fledged blogging regularity and all around spectacular-ness. That review I promised about Powder Flage by Benefit? Brace yourselves, for it makes an appearance on Monday, complete with a picture of one of my roommates modeling its effects. Until then, enjoy your weekend and be sure to swing by this lovely little blog if you're curious as to what my muse/darling little sister is up to. The blog just doesn't feel the same without the constant stream of her striking photos, does it? No worries though. That link is the key to your Maura fix.

As for me, I'll be alright. I'm learning and experiencing life through these little ups and downs. And I think when the angst blows over, my contentment will have more meaning. I've changed a lot since I've been here, and for the most part its for the better. I'm thinking about the world more critically, learning to live more frugally, and letting down that uptight way of interaction that I held onto for so long. I'm also learning independence and practicing my assertiveness. So don't worry your pretty little heads. This week was not one of the best I've had, but it is, quite simply, part of life. I love you all. And again, have a wonderful wonderful weekend.

Love always,

Chick lit, always good for a pick-me-up.

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maura.twiggy said...

yes, so keep writing your blogs. i love them, and you!!!