Monday, September 22, 2008

Frosted fresh.

When a dear (and well-dressed) friend of mine first mentioned Johnny Cupcakes during a discussion on designers, I had to plead ignorance. And ignorance it was! After further research, I found out all about this Johnny Cupcakes and the brilliant designs he slaps on t-shirts. I must be living under a rock because he's becoming quite the celebrity. And with good reason. Check this darling top out.

It's one of those shirts that can take the jeans and t-shirt feel out of a jeans and t-shirt outfit. Mind you, this is only one of his designs! My favorite is the sailor one, though I'm also rather partial to the frosting print. And with the prices starting at about $25, you have no excuse not to own one of these. Check it out at his pitch-perfect site. And on a very related note, the designer, given name being Johnny Earle, has been nominated to be the Business Week Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Watch this space, kiddos. Johnny Cupcakes is going to go far.


maura.twiggy said...

whats the website?

Billy said...

I added a link, but in case that doesn't work, type in