Thursday, August 7, 2008

You, as seen from behind all that mascara.

Growing up, I always had something of a vendetta against makeup. Besides the fact that I still fail to properly apply lipstick, I also felt that the donning of cosmetics was along the lines of cheating. If a boy was crushing on me, I wanted him to fall for my sleepy eyes, not the dark mascaraed lashes that framed them. And how horrible, I'd always thought, if I dyed my hair a different color, and got tons of compliments. I've always considered my appearance to be along the lines of plain, and I have been proud of it. It's the face and the hair that I was blessed with. So au naturale I remained.

My point of view has since changed. I've learned that to be my best self, I need to look the part. And there's nothing like a bit of coral lip gloss to help that happen. I buy quality makeup and wear it in moderation - swipe of mascara, some cheek stain, highlighter, and touch of foundation. Not every day- I save it for occasions where I want to wow. Much less for the mall, a little bit more for a party. And I feel fabulous. It's realizing that sometimes your personality doesn't match your natural appearance, that you decide to make a change. Light brown hair with highlights, while gorgeous, I found didn't suit me, so I dyed it chic dark brown. Dewey cheeks are a lot more me than the natural matte we are all born with, and so I softly blush it up. And while simply following Audrey Hepburn's style tips (see earlier post) is always your best best, I want to know - Darling readers, what steps do you take to let your personality glow from within?


Anonymous said...

Hello, future roommate!
I think our God-given looks are prettiest, but I do like accentuating those gifts. A little brown eyeliner, something on my lips, occasionally blush, and--if I'm feeling ambitious--maybe some foundation to smoothe out my skin without covering my freckles. I'll never be a supermodel, but I'm happy with the way I look. I resemble my mother, whom I love and respect, and that makes me happy.

I use makeup because it's fun for me. It's a treat, an easy-to-fix experiment. (Note to self: That yellow eyeshadow makes me look jaundiced. Do not repeat.) When I turned 15, my treat to myself was to dye my bangs bright red. When I lost my Burt's Bees last winter, I used Mary Kay lipstick instead. When I just want a reason to smile, I use a touch of natural gloss.
But what I remember most was last spring, when my weekend was so awful I refused to face Monday without something to look forward to. I set out shocking red lipstick with lightly smoky eyes, and put it on the next morning with a pretty skirt and my zebra-print ballet flats. It didn't make it all better, but that and the swing dance lessons sure helped!

But most days I don't wear any makeup, because it's not worth it to me. I have a guy who's seen me in half-worn-off stage makeup, with food on my face, covered in sawdust and smelling like horse manure, and in the second-prettiest dress I own. And he looks at me the same way every single day. No matter what I actually look like, the person I see reflected in his eyes is beautiful. I've been wearing less makeup since I met him because I've been happier with myself. I feel more like myself around him, with or without makeup. And there's this little thing about looks better on me than on him.

Billy said...


You have no idea how excited I am to be rooming with you!
You are so genuine and sweet. And gorgeous, if I say so myself!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to rooming with you and the others, too! It will be splendid. We've got four Beauties; I bet we won't have any trouble making friends with the other Belles, not to mention those dashing Beasts.
Thanks for the compliments, m'dear. You've put a great big smile on this face of mine--and a smile is the best cosmetic of all, don't you think?