Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cola light, with a twist of style.

The trials for the US Olympic Track team took place here in Eugene, just down the street from my house. We did our city up nice and track-crazy. Most interesting, at least I thought, were the Coca-Cola cans, with the brand name written in many different languages. I found I savored my soda a little more when it was labeled in Arabic or Russian. Milan is doing something a little similar, with some help from Roberto Cavalli.

Gorgeous, no? Just the thing for fashion week. I want to know if they're going to recycle those babies or if I could possibly acquire one via eBay. It would be just the thing to sit on the windowsill in my dorm. Which, by the way, I will be moving into in two weeks. I have purchased an extensive amount of wool coats and sweater dresses. I can't wait to brave the Chicago weather in style. Anyway, enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Kisses!

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