Saturday, July 26, 2008

Oh. My. Goodness.

The blogging world is completely abuzz with the appearance of some new Chanel Jewelry. With nail polish, mirror, and No. 5 charms, it's with good reason. Everyone is talking about the nail polish earrings but I'm completely enamored by this.

Aren't those beautiful? I certainly think so. I showed them to my mom, and she started to lecture me on how there are better ways to spend my money. I think not. I think these earrings would complete my wardrobe, personal style, EVERYTHING. It's an investment. And down the line, when I have daughters of my own, and they start to show interest in clothes and makeup, I can pass the earrings on to a new generation of Chanel lovers. Is my craziness for these earrings a little overboard? Maybe. But do I care? Hardly. =D

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Maura said...

I love these.
I wanna see the other things