Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Today I'm adoring...

My dear friend Ben, with Maura, at local Alton Baker park.

♥ Jane Austen books. I've always been a big fan, but it's been especially evident lately. I'm currently reading "Sense and Sensibility" for what might be the millionth time, and it never gets old. Austen is witty, romantic, and a quiet icon. I love it.

♥ Country music. Now I know what you're thinking, and you're totally wrong. There is more to country than beer and wrangler jeans. Try Taylor Swift's song "Stay Beautiful" or Jewel's "Stronger Woman." Both have gorgeous instrumental, stunning vocals, and lyrics that hit your heart. Though I confess I do have a soft spot for stereotypical country songs, too. If you're brave, give "Friends In Low Places" by Garth Brooks a try.

♥ Shopping for my Chicago wardrobe. Today I fully intend on going crazy with online shopping. Here in Eugene, the hunt for clothing suitable for Illinois weather is near impossible. The internet saves this. Gotta love the internet. From Delia's and Alloy to Net-A-Porter, the world wide web has got me covered.

♥ Luggage tags. I know a girl only needs one, but seriously. With so many candy-colored options, I'm hard pressed to pick just one. I'm currently coveting a lime green Kate Spade. It would make my Betsey Johnson luggage stand out even more. And I'm liking that.

♥ The park. These last two weeks, I've found myself on a merry-go-round after dark more than once. See, now when there's nothing to do, my friends and I head to a park and mess around on the playground. It's insanely fun, and usually turns into an editorial fashion shoot.

♥ Cardigan sweaters. Throw 'em over tank tops, grab your favorite denim mini, and you're date-ready. For extra credit, wear one is a pastel shade, and match your flats to it.

♥ The B-Spot by Benefit. It smells amazing. AMAZING. And it's just the thing to turn up your gorgeous quotient. I sprayed a little on my wrists in the mall the other day, and found I couldn't help but strut for the remainder of my shopping strip.

That's it for today. What, lovely readers, are you adoring?

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