Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Of tattoos....

I'm graduating from high school next week. And I feel I'm in need of some sort of symbol of such. I noticed just last week that my favorite teacher has three small stars tattooed on her inner ankle. That got me thinking - maybe tattoos aren't as bad as I've always thought them to be. This teacher, who I think may very well be the world's classiest woman, has a tattoo. My best friend has a gorgeous little tattoo of a dove, too. It's very pretty. Another lovely young lady in my life has a heart-shaped watermelon tattooed on her foot. I think nothing less of these girls, and they both love their tattoos. I ruminated on the whole thing for awhile, and then - a sign. Kat Von D, star of LA Ink on TLC, has collaborated with Sephora to design a line of cosmetics.

Kat Von D is a drop-dead gorgeous, insanely gifted tattoo artist. And now she's allowing us to capture her rocker girl look through a tube of lipstick? I'm so there. So, again, if such an incredible, talented human being has been able to make a successful career with tattooing, they really can't be all bad. I will continue to think about all of this. Two other darling buddies of mine have plans to get tattoos after graduation. I may or may not join them. I want to get a treble clef tattooed on my ankle, but we'll see. But like I said, I am going to have to contemplate this. Ideas, my fashionista friends?


Twiggy said...

You're to pure

Anonymous said...

If your questioning about having a tat then your not ready for one. If you want to know how it felt, it hurt more when the needle went agst the skin (going up and sideways) than with (down). Like you kept on scrapping your fingernail on a sensitive part of you skin a bit hard constantly.