Sunday, May 25, 2008

Magazines on a Sunday

I've always thought Sundays were the perfect day to sit with the my favorite fashion mag and devour each article with a glass of iced tea. Last week, the magazine of choice was Nylon. It would be the second time I'd read that issue from cover-to-cover, and I found I enjoyed it even more than the first round. This Sunday, I am reading ELIZA, and amazing little publication that I picked up from Barnes & Noble today after church.

ELIZA Magazine is a publication dedicated to bringing wearable and elegant fashion to the ladies of the world. Throw in a dash of do-gooder articles (the current issue talks about how buying your pet from a breeder instead of a pet store will do wonders for our canine friends), impeccable taste, and a hefty serving of intelligence, and you've got the perfect magazine to spend your Sunday with. I actually stopped reading it halfway through to come pull together this blog entry. It was so good with the gorgeous design and witty writing, I just felt like I had to share its merits immediately. Now if you'll excuse me, I have my lazy Sunday reading to return to.

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