Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The long and short of things

I got in a fight with my boyfriend last night. It wasn't about politics, and it wasn't about relationship issues. We weren't arguing about the elections, and the tiff had nothing to do with my constant state of tension with his friends. No - it was all about the proper length and style of prom dresses. He thinks all dresses should be full-length, "scream prom," and come in deeper shades of color. I beg to differ. I said it all has to do with personal style. If you love your legs, if you're a little on the funky side, whatever! Wear a short dress! If you're a grecian goddess or an old Hollywood kind of gal, wear a long dress! And the color of your dress? Pastel it up if you must, or if the Hepburn mood strikes you, go black. After my little tangent, Johnathan protested. "But short dresses for formal events are so trashy." Oh yeah? Has he never lied eyes on a Betsey Johnson dress?

I think being my boyfriend might've had a negative effect on Johnathan in some respects. He has had to develop opinions on fashion. Never mind if I don't really view those opinions as truth, I just think it's interesting. And while I've nearly schooled him on a debate regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict, he doesn't stand a chance when it comes to controversy from the pages of Vogue. Love that boy. I really truly do.

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