Monday, January 7, 2008


First things first, my top "something or rather" of 2007 lists failed miserably. One of these days I will make it up to you, my faithful readers. And now, a post inspired in great part by the charming and wonderful Blogdorf Goodman (check it out under my favorite blogs). I bring you my wish list for 2008.

1. The perfect tube of red lipstick that flatters my skin tone. Lately I've been using the MAC Viva Glam lipgloss palette, which is wonderful, but I want something more matte, more grown-up. I am, after all, fast approaching my 18th birthday, and I feel lipstick would be the first step towards adulthood.
2.A pair of half boots to go with the perfect pair of skinny jeans.. I'm thinking a soft heathery grey color with a big ole bow on the back and a spiked heel. To wear with jeans and the dressy top I hope to possess by the end of '08.
3.An eyeshadow that will effectively turn my sleepy eyes into bright beauties.. You've heard me lament the genetic tired appearance of my eyelids. I want to change that.
4.A Betsey Johnson Clutch. Such would be especially divine when paired with Chanel-laquered nails.
5.A black satin pencil skirt.. It just sounds like a nice idea. Match with a tailored white shirt and black pumps, and you're good for a job interview.

That's all for now. I will update when I come up with more. Happy New Year!

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