Friday, November 30, 2007

Who's on your list?

I am getting ready to do some hardcore holiday shopping soon, and am plagued with what to get my loved ones. I am going to assume that I'm not alone. So let's help each other out, my dear friends. Note to Maura and Helene: These are not the gifts I'm getting you so you can stop covering your eyes.

For the supermodel in your life

She's got the moves, now give her the jeans to match. Pick out some straight-leg pants to emphasize her legginess (size 00, of course) and make sure they've got a bold label on the butt pocket. This will draw attention to her lack-of, therefore perfect runway model posterior. These babies are from Juicy Couture, always perfect for the Covergirls in training.

For the aspiring actress

While she has no red carpet to wear her satin full-length gloves on (yet), these gorgeous suede ones ought to hold her over. With your little stage siren, think along the lines of glamour, pint-sized. Get gifts that hint at her superstar future.

For the girl you're trying to get to move on from Hollister

Bright, patent leather, and it fits her borderline preppy ways. Dolce and Gabanna knows women, so anything slightly similiar to their products will win with anyone. This is the sort of thing I am going to get for my best friend. She's darling and sporty, borderline preppy, and has a body that anything would look good on. Goodbye Hollister!

For the reformed hippie chick

While her hair no longer goes past her knees and hemp headbands aren't among her favorite accesories, you know your most reliable wise friend gets wistful every once in a while for her flowerchild past. Give her a reminder, with a bright and bold nature-inspired necklace. The two of you will be singing Kumbaya in no time.

Well that's it for now. Next week I might tackle the dreaded shopping for men category (which by the way, The New Yorker did a hilarious article on this week. check it out). Until then, have an amazing evening. I love you all. Thanks for reading!

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