Thursday, October 18, 2007

Start spreading the news

I am leaving in about two weeks to go to New York City with my parents and sister (sans brother - he'd rather go to Costa Rica). We'll be seeing amazing shows like Spring Awakening, Spamalot, and Forbidden Broadway. I'll be visiting my dream colleges like Columbia, Pratt, and Eugene Lang New School for the Liberal Arts. I'll be shopping the snot out of SoHo and floating on air as I hunt down clearance items in that giant sweet-smelling Macy's. I can't wait. But before I make my way back east, I'm going to need a few essentials. Today's list has been brought to you by Anthropologie.


Perfect for hailing a cab in.


Put your classic sweet self into the bustling Manhattan mix.


This is definitely one for the theater.

Interview Outfit

"What sets me apart from other applicants? Why, this adorable dress!"


Should keep me cozy on the boat tour of the boroughs.


Mix with black tights and a black top, and you're ready to go for lunch at Sardi's.

Anthropologie clothes are a touch on the steep side so, again, be inspired, then go deal-hunting. I'll talk more about New York when I get closer so brace yourself. I can't wait!

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