Tuesday, October 9, 2007

oh so diviiiiine

Hello darlings. I was just reading the fashion blog site at http://lama-drama.blogspot.com/, and got tagged by reading a certain post to write seven random facts about myself. So, here goes. Enjoy getting to know the girl behind Classic Black Pumps.

fact one
I adore soup. My favorite is probably the incredibly cheap, but ridiculously decadent Tuscan Tomato, Basil Bisque from Safeway. It makes my tastebuds sing and warms me from the inside out. I also love french onion, clam chowder, and italian wedding soup.
fact two
I have a pet beagle named Casper. He's 12 years old and smells kind of funny, but is the most lovable creature you will ever meet. Dogs over cats, any day.
fact three
I am addicted to showtunes. My current favorite are Spring Awakening and Legally Blonde. I'm also a big fan of Jersey Boys, Les Miserables, Miss Saigon, Guys and Dolls, The Producers, and Spamalot. I'm going to NYC in a month and will hopefully get to check out Laura Bell Bundy as Elle Woods. Can't wait.
fact four
Among all the style blogs I have bookmarked on my internet, I also have The Onion and The New Yorker. The New Yorker is my obsession. It's witty, original, and thoughtful. The Onion is just plain hilarious. I spend almost as many hours looking at those sites as I do staring at the jewelry on the Tiffany's site. That's saying a lot.
fact five
I have an older brother. He does his own thing - hardly a style maven - so he gets rare mention on this site. But he means a lot to me, so yeah. He's almost 20, and tends to rock clothing by Columbia and Patagonia. He likes to surf and kayak, and is the most fearless person I've ever met.
fact six
My dad was raised on a farm that's been in our family for over a century. It used to function as a grass seed farm when my grandpa was alive, but now it's just a beautiful place to explore and emjoy. I've grown up there, visiting it almost every weekend. My cousins are always there, too. They've become my dearest friends because of this common farmer roots thing that we share.
fact seven
Pretty much each and every one of my closest friends has their own personalized ringtone on my phone. I just love setting up songs that match people's personalities. Everything in my life has a theme song, and my friends are no exception.

If you've just read this, and have a blog of your own, consider yourself tagged. And no groaning about it. It's cool talking more about me for once and less about my fashion tastes. Of course, I would never want to get into a habit of it. Style=most entertaining thing to read and write about ever.

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