Saturday, September 29, 2007

I've dissapointed your lovely selves.

Two apologies here: a: I haven't posted for two days, and b: I have yet to make my TJ Maxx venture. But you all keep it up. So what am I wearing today? A zebra print wrap dress I bought in Salamanca with some Hue black texture tights. The dress ties around the waist with a big black bow and the sleeves button. It is intensely cute. Why a dress on nothing-to-do Saturday? Well, my darling little sister Maura (an aspiring model and totally Kate Moss minus all the drugs) and her best friend Helene (an up-and-coming actress whose gamine cut and doe eyes make her the 21st century's answer for Audrey Hepburn) showed the world last night that you can cover up the legs and still look amazing.

I was doubtful of this new trend, and incredibly dissapointed that it is the big rule for Fall fashion. I always thought that the dress should be the focus. Some cute shoes and a necklace, too, but I never liked covering the legs up. It seems like it would take away from the dress. Maura and Helene proved me wrong. The moral here? Go stock up on tights. You'll be so glad you did.

Maura's dress: Delias, Maura's shoes: Ross, Maura's tights: Hue. Helene's Dress: Forever 21, Helene's Shoes: Payless Shoesource, Helene's tights:Hue. Photos taken by my father.

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