Wednesday, May 26, 2010

When it comes to shoes, you'll usually find me going the intensely girly route. However, I picked up a pair of sneakers on sale at Urban Outfitters a couple of weeks ago and omigoodness they are too cute. I know it's weird that I'm gushing about sneakers, but seriously - my feet have grown so accustomed to ballet flats, gladiators, and pumps that the feel and look of a sneaker is just so unusual! They are still being sold for a beautifully low price at Urban Outfitters. Looook!

I think the best thing about these sneakers is that they're so versatile. My pair is in this adorable blue and white print and I can wear them with everything. From a flouncy mini to jeans to a floral print dress, they've got me covered. Not to mention the fact that they just look like summer. I love my heels and strappy sandals, but there's something so simple and playful about the sneakers. I will definitely be getting more pairs.