Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A late night.

It's half past midnight and in the midst of my drowsy fashion week catch-up, I decided to check out the Milly show. After clicking through the collection on at least three times, it became clear that waiting until daylight to write about it would be a disservice. Milly hasn't been getting rave reviews - the show was too long, the berets and tights were distracting, etc. But goodness. I see people I know and love in each and every look. Milly is taking classic pieces and making them work for the young and bright fashionista. This is no small feat. There's such a wearability in the clothing, but its presence doesn't sacrifice chicness. Heck! I don't even mind the tights.

I can't help but see my best girlfriends in these outfits. Granted, my best girlfriends are of the intensely stylish and well-dressed variety, but still. You see it, too, don't you? Your little sister, your roommate, that girl you love to gossip with at work - they're all here. I think you might be somewhere in this collection, as well! I could rave about Milly forever but it's getting late and I have to be at school early in the morning. And if I may, I would like to again talk about the amazing trek my older brother will be making in April. He updated his blog earlier today (his frequency, I'm sure, will soon put mine to shame) and you can check out the new entry here. Sleep tight, lovely readers!

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