Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And now for something a little more down to earth.

When creating the Vera Wang Lavendar Label collection, it seems Ms. Vera Wang had the everyday well-dressed woman in mind. Just in the way her looks are pulled together this week, there is something so real about them. I very much love the glamour and decadence of runway shows, but it is always refreshing when a designer applies their creativity to ensemble more tangible for work, play, and life in general. Suffice to say, my heart beats at rapid speed for this collection.

Maybe my raving is due to the fact that all these outfits are pulled together in a manner nearly identical to the way I do mine: dress, colorful tights, coordinated coat, and boots. I mean, it is nice to relate. All this aside, the collection is a really wonderful one. I feel like it takes wardrobe staples like LBDs and boots and makes them unique and memorable pieces.

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