Friday, January 16, 2009


I really do curse my conservative fashion sensibilities. It's hard to find something on the runways that suits an inconspicuous dresser such as myself. I my clothes to be tailored, simple, and flattering. I like black and white. I like long sleeves, cardigans, and blazers. At least I've never been one to turn down a pair of bizarre shoes. Anyway, you can probably see why I stick to a Chanel obsession and hardly venture elsewhere (besides Betsey Johnson, who caters well to my rather girly princess-wannabe fashion sensibilities) and also why I leave the crazy adventurous dressing to Maura. I always appreciate the artful and extraordinary things designers come up with, but I often choose not to mirror such in my daily dress. But wait? Carolina Herrera hears my call?

That is too, too thoughtful of her. I really like this dress. I mean, it may be strapless, but it's the pretty, classic kind of strapless that I can really fall in love with. Ah, Pre-Fall 2009. You were a doozy. Flapper dresses, strange geometric shapes! All beautiful and fascinating. These clothes are truly art to me. I will admire them intently, but remain most comfortable in my black sheath dress and houndstooth blazer.

♥ That's enough babbling for today dears. Ta ta!

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