Friday, January 23, 2009

Because I'm a sucker for well-dressed politics

It's no secret that I've long idolized Jackie O's wardrobe. And if you had no clue that I hold Princess Diana as one of the best dressed rulers of all time, you must not be reading this blog very closely. Goodness, I have been obsessed with Marie Antoinette's choice of dress since before I picked up my first copy of Vogue. Needless to say, fashion has been its very own character in the history of politics. And here comes a new page for the textbooks: Michelle Obama.

Now my politics are something I like to keep to myself. But regardless of what they are, whether I be far left, right, or moderate, I can't deny the fact that the new first lady is creating a stir amongst fashionistas. And a good one at that. I really appreciate her taste for up-and-coming designers. What's wonderful is that the label is new, but the style remains to be one timeless and demure. I am so happy that her clothes are ones that represent this current era of fashion. Her pretty yellow brocade is furthering her work in getting Isabel Toledo on the map. And that white dress? Wonderfuuuul, Jason Wu. Now for some of my favorite Inauguration Day style links...

Anna Wintour her say.
Always my favorite, the New Yorker does Jason Wu justice.
What everyone wore, NY Times. ♥

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Fashion Addict said...

Oh I love how Michelle Obama dresses and she truly is the new fashion star!