Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What are you doing New Year's eve?

I got this idea from the queen of good ideas herself, Gala Darling. I created some outfits and short stories to go with them.

My DREAM New Year's
After looking catching a little jazz show at Cozmic Pizza, Maura, Helene, and I head over to Sweet Life to get some white peony tea. Our tummies full of tea and creme brulee (it's impossible to resist adding some dessert to the bill at that place!) we head back to our house. It's 11:55 pm, and we're just about to exchange our sparkly dresses and pumps for pajama pants and slippers when we think better of it. It's much wiser to ring in the new year while wearing sequins than it is to celebrate it in sweats. It's three minutes to midnight. I walk into the kitchen and pour three champagne flutes of pomegranate-pink lady sparkling cider. When the clock strikes 2009, Maura, Helene and I toast to a New Year with squeals. We all peck each other on the cheek and rush downstairs to watch "The Newsies."

The reality of my New Year's Eve

After having spent the day cleaning the house, I fondly greet some close family friends who have come to celebrate the New Year with my parents. Maura and Helene rush out the door to one adventure or another and I walk to the bookshelf to see if there's anything to occupy me until midnight. Failing to find something to read, I walk to the living room where I drink shirley temples, eat brie, and watch the television with my parents and their guests. Periodically I receive a text from a friend from school or the boyfriend-unit to which I send enthusiastic replies. Once the brie runs out I am sent to the kitchen to heat some more up and grab crackers. By the time midnight hits, I am in the living room, watching the ball drop on tv. My dog is sitting on my lap, generously letting his white fur shed all over my black tank, and I kiss him on the forehead to ring in 2009. Maura and Helene finally get home, and we rush downstairs to watch "The Newsies."

As I was writing the "reality of new year's" I cheered up a bit. It all sounds very cozy - shirley temples and brie cheese and ringing in the New Year's with my parents who I only see now for less that 4 months out of the year. And both stories end with showtunes, which makes me infinitely happy. What's your DREAM New Year's eve celebration? What do you expect the reality of your night to be? Dish, darlings, dish.

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Anonymous said...

My dream New Years? I'd be wearing something daring, probably involving a corset and some very fancy-pretty fabric, and I'd go out with a medium-sized group of friends to do something dashing and new to me--an elegant formal ball, perhaps?. Or something more traditional, like ice-skating.

My reality? I wore my new cardigan and a favorite jean skirt and went barefoot, since I stayed in my own house. Four friends stopped by, and we played Phase 10 & other games and listened to music. I counseled a couple of 'em through a rough patch in their relationship, and I tried not to get frustrated with a particularly odd friend-of-a-friend who had tagged along. We had a complaintfest starting around 11, which we all rather needed and which I turned into a grateful-for fest for the last two minutes of the old year. Then we spent the first half hour of the new year doing shots of rather bad sparkling juice as we played Never Have I Ever. At 12:32, I fell asleep. They said g'night, and tiptoed out.

Love you, roommie.