Friday, December 12, 2008

Wish you were here!

Paper Airplane
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I am sitting in Midway airport, waiting anxiously to get on my flight and head west, home to Oregon. I have not been home since August, so this is all a little weird. It's also my first time flying alone, which is weirder. Ah well, I can't wait to see my family again. I had one of those teary moments as I walked from the dorms to the El station, and an even tearier one as I bid my lovely boyfriend adieu for a month. Yes, I am dramatic, and you know you love me for it.

I am always so weird about how I dress when I fly. If I'm going to some cosmopolitan city (NYC or Chi-town) I'm all about pretty jersey dresses, comfy tights and oversized bags. But on my return to my deliciously casual home, I have opted for jeans, a pink flower-patterned tank top by Express, and my family's Hood-to-Coast relay team sweatshirt. I'm am also armed with a Cosmo Girl (after months of reading Marx and Aristotle, I needed something mindless) and Vanity Fair (Tina Fey is on the cover!). I also brought along my copy of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" by Truman Capote and some F. Scott Fitzgerald. The flight is a little under five hours, and I am good to go!

Love all of you! My next post will be written from Eugene!

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