Monday, December 22, 2008

Hooooome for Christmas

I don't think I've mentioned just how much I'm loving this nice little break at home. Gotta love Chicago, but the family is in Eugene, OR, and hence, I couldn't love the place more. Especially at Christmas. Everything is absolutely perfect here. We've got a big, wonderful tree, a fireplace that's usually going strong and no shortage of Christmas cookies. And, we have Maura, Helene, and Sam's dog, Tashi.

Here they're pictured playing some weird version of "catch." In their winter break ensembles. The girls favor oversized cardigans and flared jeans. I am currently lounging in pajama pants and a Shimer College sweatshirt. Usually, I too sport the jeans but my day shows no promise of giving me reason to change out of lazy clothes. I feel sort of gross and sloppy right now. I really struggle to enjoy the doing-nothing aspect of break. I feel like I need to be productive or something. Alas, there is no homework to be completed, and no hours at a place of work to clock in.

I have occupied my time by playing with the dog, watching holiday specials, making playlists for every occasion, missing the boyfriend-unit, and looking at The Tiffany's site has also kept me company, but that's nothing new. Maybe I should bake. I bookmarked a million recipes when I was at school to make during the holiday season. This recipe, for puppy chow cupcakes, isn't terribly Christmas-y, but promises to be delicious nonetheless.

Anyhow, now that I've wasted a sufficient amount of time on an un-fashion blog entry, feel free to smite me. Or give me something to do by posting a comment about your outfit for holiday festivities or something. I really hope that this season finds you in good health and happiness. I love you all dearly. Oh! And if you have yet to discover Kingdom of Style, one of my favorite blogs, now's the time. It's frequently updated and features wonderful, original style. I leave you now with a look at the Humphreys hearth at Christmastime.

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