Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Notes from a distacted summer

The "haunted" house out in Coburg near my best friend's street. I think it's actually bizarrely beautiful.
I will be gone from tomorrow until Sunday. Now I'm sure you cuties are used to me leaving some big ole' gaps between posts, but I wanted you to know that I'm not doing so without any justification. My summer has been a beautiful whirl wind of crazy, and it just keeps getting better. I think it's end will find me refreshed and revved up for that thing called college. But this craziness, this busyness, it's been keeping me from my blog, and my fantastic readers. I hate that. So, when I get back from my mini-vacation with my extended family, the posting will become more regular. Have a wonderful fourth of July, and be sure to dress it up with sunny frocks and shrunken denim jackets!

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